V R helmets

We just completed VR helmets for a Mexican T V show.It was low budget by our standards but high on their side of the border.The helmets probably had 30 hand wired LEDs in each helmet.The Mexican crew is really inexperienced with this kind of prop and only bugeted four the four they needed.

So I may have to go to Mexico City to help with the shot.Batteries go dead all kind of things go wrong with custom electronic helmets.

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Prop builders

I am taken by the amount of resumes we are sent by people who want to become pro prop makers in Hollywood.Shoot for your dreams,life is short.Prop builders are a strange lot and the popularity of Comic Con shows just how good the people working from their kitchen table or garage have become.
Hollywood is a tough nut to crack.If I was starting out today,as I did in 1972 I would go to Atlanta.More opportunities.
It is more wide open in the South right now talented young prop makers can get a foot in the door which is always hard in Hollywood no matter what your ambition is,Special Effects,Prop Maker,Costume Builder,Sculptor,prop Electronics.or Mechanical Special Effects.Just go for it!

Gods and Robots

Was going through the Facebook today and came across this little gem. Instead of going through a long story about how much fun it was and the process we took…I will let you watch for your self.

Meet Ricky!

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Spraying hard coat

Right now at Deroche studios having hard coat sprayed on a display for MGM Grand Las Vegas March Madness display. They have a great new facility,friendly crew and while you wait service.In the prop fabrication Bussiness while you wait is essential.Speed is of the essence in Hollywood especially in episodic TV.So when you find a speedy vendor in the prop making Bussiness it is a good thing.

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Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials are a big deal to Hollywood Prop Makers. At 4 million for thirty seconds it best be good.And the contracts for the prop builds are something that the prop makers will get into a knife fight to get to.I will show up at a Super Bowl party ,and the first question I get is”do any Super Bowl commercials?

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Commercial Project

A lot of clients come into our shop looking for unique items built whether they are for movies, their office, or for trade shows. As much fun as these items are to build (sometimes difficult) we don’t always get to see the finished product in use. The project we currently have been working on was for a japanese oil company’s commercial. On this project not only did we finish the product and it worked great, but we also had crew their for set up and scenic painting. Everything went well and  I put a few pics from set below. The second pic you can see our creations and if you are wondering why the undercarriage is painted green, the commercial was shot in front of a green screen. Hopefully in a month or so we can see the commercial on youtube.

Paul and Jason setting up Mechanical for the shot

Paul and Jason setting up Mechanical for the shot

Neana on Left Jason on right with prop Scenic painting and setting up

Neana on Left Jason on right with prop Scenic painting and setting up

Some shots on set. the green screen

Some shots on set. the green screen

Trade Shows and Conventions

Doing movie props for over 30 years we have come across a lot of big names- to list a few, Star Trek and Starship Troopers to more recently mtvs Teen Wolf and movies like Hansel and Gretal. So you wouldn’t be surprised that in the trade show scene we have also worked with a few big names. The first that comes to mind would be Lincoln Electric. You may know the name Lincoln from their many different wielders and wielding supplies. Back in 2013 we were contracted to make a little something different for them for the upcoming Fabtech convention. The project was for a realistic looking hover bike. Below you will see a lot of pics of the bike during construction and the advertisement the used at Fabtech. If you had attended you could even get a picture of you on it. To see the Video from Fabtech go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Xbv1rHCsY&feature=youtu.be


Fiberglas sculpture

Most Los Angeles Prop fabrication shops do more than movie, TV,and commercial props.we build trade show props,giant Fiberglas marketing props,custom Christmas decorations for Beverly Hills stores.And many more.

The Fiberglas props are normally  a hard or very hard urethane foam.Very Hard is a 20lb. Density foam.its about the density of Bondo.After carving the shape you need this only needs a coat of boat epoxy to get a good finish.right now in the shop we have big half moons being carved.Then they will get a heavy coat of Fiberglas  and hollowed out,then lit from the inside.

I was lucky to grow up in Los Angeles where we had a surf board building class in jr. High school

Prop makers today

Looking to become a full time prop maker in the big time?not so fast.This is a life of sacrifice  like most artistic endeavor s.To start with your skills should start with basic model making,sculpting and painting.Then Add basic computer skills and if your really good,CAD.Take those skills and start building in your garage  or kitchen table.Two years ago a guy walked into my shop with some great “kitchen table props” and said he needed a job.I asked him to name all of the heavy machinery in the shop.he could name none.I said your hired! I could see he was motivated.


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Prop Fabrication

As a veteran of forty years starting as a Model Maker I now call myself a Prop Fabricator.When I was twelve I started as a Model Maker for famed car customiser George Barris. I had typical Model Maker skills relating to mostly plastic.But after four decades I have acquired many heavy Fabrication and Special Effects skills.My day can involve Welding,Electronic Wiring,Fiberglas layup ,Machning, and all of the set work.But I am still having a lot of fun looking forward to the new T V season.

Paul Pearson,owner ,Custom Movie Props