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Vacuum Forming

In Hollywood most prop fabricators build their own Vacuum Form Machines.My company has built around a dozen Vacuum formers,all the way from 2’x2′ to a very big 4′ x 8′ These are always fun to start building,and get really tedious and expensive toward the end.Heating elements and numatic rams get expensive,as do all of the controls for these systems.No good Prop Fabrication Shop can get by with at least one Vacuum Former,and one in Hollywood has eight.Our current project could not be dome without a 4′ x 4′ Vacuum Former.

Paul Pearson,Custom Movie Props

Model Maker Or Prop Builder

Many times in the last forty years as a prop shop owner or supervisor I have had to turn a Model Maker into a prop Maker.The biggest difference is the speed of deadlines.Model deadlines generally run into months,episodic  TV deadlines can be two to three days.The pace of prop building for a show like Deepspace 9 can kill you.get your script on Thursday start shooting on Tuesday.Weekend off are a thing of the past.