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Prop builders

I am taken by the amount of resumes we are sent by people who want to become pro prop makers in Hollywood.Shoot for your dreams,life is short.Prop builders are a strange lot and the popularity of Comic Con shows just how good the people working from their kitchen table or garage have become.
Hollywood is a tough nut to crack.If I was starting out today,as I did in 1972 I would go to Atlanta.More opportunities.
It is more wide open in the South right now talented young prop makers can get a foot in the door which is always hard in Hollywood no matter what your ambition is,Special Effects,Prop Maker,Costume Builder,Sculptor,prop Electronics.or Mechanical Special Effects.Just go for it!

Gods and Robots

Was going through the Facebook today and came across this little gem. Instead of going through a long story about how much fun it was and the process we took…I will let you watch for your self.

Meet Ricky!

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