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Paul Pearson of Studio Manufacturing has been responsible for saving my bacon, prop-wise, many times over the years. Prop emergencies don't always happen during convenient 9-5 business hours, not do they always come with a precise design or direction. Instead, what you sometimes get from your director at eight o'clock at night is a baseball mitt and a handheld fishing net with the order to combine them and "...make it organic..." accompanied by lots of hand gestures. Oh, and it needs to work the next morning. And we need 8 of them.

Paul was able to take the director's vision and my attempt at translating that vision and turn it into something fabulous that was, indeed, ready the next morning. In this instance, Paul and his crew were able to fabricate as exceptional for a beer commercial that went on to win a Clio. When you need to get the job done, done on-time (or sooner!), and done with great skill and imagination, Studio Manufacturing should be you next call!

Lisa De Alva
Property Mistress

Paul has proven that he can take minimal direction and expand with his creative and production talents to create amazing end products in a short period of time. He has been our go-to guy for several projects since first working with him several years ago. It's been a match made in creative heaven. It's even landed him on TV a couple of times (We just hope he doesn't go all Hollywood on us).

Jay Metzger
Account Supervisor - Red Bull

As a Propmaster for 28 years now, I understand that the success of any given fabrication depends on so many elements that rarely come together under one roof... from collaborative design, all the way through handing the prop to an actor. Paul has supplied me with what I've needed to make... a prop that works and impresses, on time and on budget.

Paul moves beyond the "Good, Cheap, Fast... pick two" mentality to really think about how to get your job completed in a way that does not cut corners. That and the good humor that pervades the work environment he's created are a really nice combination.

Ian Scheibel
Propmaster - BONES